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Useful Links

Little League Online
The official website for Little League baseball.

Whitefish Bay Blue Dukes
The website for the high school baseball team.

Little League Central Region
Official website for the Central Region.

Glendale Little League
The website for Little League in Glendale, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Brewers
The official website for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Buying A Bat
This is a good article on how to buy a bat for your child.

Buying A Bat II
Another link with advice on buying a bat for your child.

Teaching Baseball For Parents
Looking for some tips on how to help your child learn the game? Click here for an article with tips from pro ball players.

Coaches Corner
Click here to find hundreds of tips for coaches on every topic from fundamentals to practice tips. Source: eteamz.

Baseball Hall of Fame and Musuem
The official site of Cooperstown, New York.

Minor League Baseball
The official site for Minor League Baseball.

Green Bay Packers
Well, football is important too!

Challenging Handicaps
There are thousands of Little League websites, but when you see this one it will make you pause. Click here for the home to the Northeast Ohio Challenger Little League - committed to making sure that everyone in their area can enjoy the game of baseball.

Understanding Kids and Sports
A link to Little League's page for parents who want to learn more about kids' motivation and frustration with sports.

The Role Of A Little League Parent
A link to Little League's thoughts on how parents should be a part of the league.

Little League In The News
Click here for an instant Google search on the latest news headlines about Little League.